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Our wool is grown and shorn in Montana, truly a product of the USA. Wool is the original sustainable, renewable, reusable and flexible fiber on the planet.  It will outlast synthetics fiber and makes a higher quality end-result product!



Montana Pure Natural Wool

Sheep wool is one product that cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. Our 100% natural wool pillows enhance deep sleep by wicking away moisture and allowing air to circulate around. Plastics, latex and foams pillows do not possess that quality.

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Wool Is

Completely Fire Safe

Wool won’t burn on it’s own, thus making it a safer, healthier product.  There are no chemicals breaking down and polluting your lungs and living area.  Fireman, heavy industry workers and those in flammable professions trust their safety to wool, shouldn’t you?

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And Mold Resistant

Our wool is hypoallergenic and resistant to molds and mildews, keeping your house cleaner and your allergies at bay. Scientists say only 1 out of 1 Billion people are allergic to wool. Our mild washing techniques, create a lasting hypoallergenic product!

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Montana Pure Wool

Our wool is all USA, Grown and shorn in Montana.  Buying a raw product from a local producer just makes sense for us.  No international freight, low carbon footprint and keeping our money at home!  Wool is the original sustainable, renewable, reusable and flexible fiber on the planet!  It will out last synthetics and makes a better product besides!

Why a wool pillow?  Wool is hypoallergenic, soft or firm (depending on you), lofty, healthy, natural, promotes a more restful sleep and makes a generally better pillow!  There are medical studies abound on wool bedding, all proving wool does a better job helping you sleep!  Better temperature control, allows for improved REM sleep and a healthier night's rest.  We supply the best pillow out there!

Our pillows are all stuffed to the same level of  Pretty firm, don’t like it that hard, pull the zipper down and remove fluff until it’s perfect for your sleeping style!  That’s why the zipper is there, make your own custom sleeping haven.  Save the wool or throw it out for birds to nest in or compost it.   Our Montana Pure pillows are really the bee’s knees when it comes to healthy sleeping!

Wool's benefits are amazing!

  • Wool is sustainable, every year every sheep needs to be shorn
  • Won’t mold or mildew
  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • Wool helps maintain a constant sleep temperature
  • Wool Regulates temperature
  • No pests, dust mites do not like wool
  • Flame resistant, wool doesn’t burn on it’s own
  • The only natural bedding product out there


Instead of synthetic

Material, why not try wool?

What can you do with wool?  It’s one of the most versatile, natural products around.  We have made pillows, mattress pads,
Bio-wix reclamation pads, insulation, bullet proof panels, mulch, compost, felt, filter systems and felted balls (great for bouncing off children)!

What can you think of wool doing for you?

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