About Us

Who Are We

We are the Mackey family, a dad; Thayne, mom; Michelle, and 2 children; Bella and Oren; with one of the last complete woolen mills in the United States.  We started our life together in 1999 on the Mackey ranch just North of the Little Rocky Mountains out of Dodson Montana.  Farming 2500 acres of organic crops, 1200 mother ewes and around 400 mother cows as well as horses and goats.  As the family grew, the remoteness of the ranch began to tell on our lives.  In 2008 we decided to change our lives in a major way and sell the ranch and move to a smaller farmstead 45 miles away near Malta.  We then began to set up the woolen Mill.  In 2005 we had bought the Baron Woolen Mill from Brigham City Utah and spent the next couple of years moving it north.  29 semi loads, 16    flatbed trailers and numerous pickups and hours we moved 405 tons of machinery home.  We set it up 3 miles east of Malta and in 2011, after countless hours of work, blood and sweat, we had an operating woolen mill.  We made the only 100% USA wool insulation for commercial and home use.  Over the next few years we expanded to newer machinery, built, modified and improved machinery to make our wool scouring and processing better.  Finally in 2015 we bought a new card, lapper and felting system to produce a wool product line second to none.  We have developed the Montana Pure line of pillows, bedding and our Bio-wix reclamation mats.  We can still do insulation on a custom basis…

With our experience and expertise with machinery, sheep and wool, we are able to have highest quality products and best production facility in the USA!  We are still sheep people and work closely with the Montana Wool Lab, Montana State University and the Federal Sheep and Wool Projects and ARS.

The mill is easy to find, there’s always coffee and sometimes a cold Made in Montana beer or something stouter as well…  Follow us on Facebook for the trials and tribulations of Brookside Woolen Mill.  We are on US Highway 2, on the way to Glacier Park, Stop by for a tour when you’re coming through, you’re always welcome!! The Shop cell is 406-654-4428.

Interested in Custom Products or Projects?

We do custom processing in SOME cases.  Wool, Llama and Alpaca, we have done them all, and still do.

Wholesale inquiries welcome for pillows and bedding wool (mattresses, pads, duvets and custom work).


Advantages of Wool

100% Organic

Wool is a 100% natural project, still not duplicated in the laboratory.  Wool can regulate temperature by absorbing and expelling moisture, maintaining a constant ‘breathing’ balance.   Plastics, latex and foams, not so much...


Wool is hypoallergenic, Scientist say only 1 out of a Billion people are allergic to wool,  with our mild soap and triple rinse washing system, your bedding will treat you well for years to come!

Insulation Values

Wool has an R49 per foot, and will retain 85% of that if completely saturated…. Thus the development of the Fisherman’s Sweater… Synthetics, not so much...