I picked a wool pillow up at Montana Pure Wool and have been sleeping like a baby. No more stuffy nose when I wake up. It's a miracle!   I did some research on wool pillows and  Here are some benefits of wool pillows:
• Wool is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
• Reduces sleeping heart rate and sleep disturbances
• Naturally fire, bacteria, and mildew resistant
• Lasts longer and is more resilient than cotton or latex
• It does not support the growth of dust-mites
• Wool is not treated with chemicals or bleaches, therefor safe for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities

I can't believe it and I am a true convert to pure wool bedding products!



Carmen Hahn,

Like the zipper, pulled a few handfuls of wool out and made it thinner, way better for me, thanks!

SWR in Laramie, Wyoming,

I love my generation 1 pillow, it's cool and fluffy all night, my sister came over and used it and tried to pack it up and take it home, love it!

TO in Missoula, Montana,

I like the fatman pillow as it is flexible and puffy, but rigid enough it cradles my head and keeps my neck from moving and makes it so I'm not sore in the morning.

BG Malta Montana Diesel Mechanic,