Our Facility

Montana Pure Wool - Brookside Woolen Mill Facility & Grounds

Scouring Train

Montana Pure Wool - Brookside Woolen Mill sits  just a few miles east of Malta, Montana.  In 2012, we had our new mill facility completed and started to set  the machinery inside the building for production of our wool products .  We have one of the greenest wool production facilities in Montana.  We built it with hot water, floor heat, skylights and heavy wool insulation for harsh Montana winters.  We have high efficiency systems to recycle our water and after the process is complete, the waste water is reused, supplying a living pond full of cattails, reeds, crayfish, ducks, dogs and small boys.

Wool Batting

Our water system starts with pure water, heated with a high efficiency natural gas heater, and used to scour the best wool in the USA.  The water then goes to a primary settling pit, which is full of plants and aquatic beasties, a secondary filter pond and a final living pond.  From there it can be used on our fruit orchard, tree nursery and vegetable garden.