Our Facility

The Facility and Grounds

Scouring Train

Our facility sits on an multi-acre parcel just a few miles east of Malta Montana.  In 2012, we had our new shop finished and started to set up the machinery.  We have one of the greenest production facilities in the state.  We built it with hot water floor heat, skylights and heavy wool insulation for Montana winters.  We have high efficiency systems to recycle our water and after the process is complete, the wastewater is reused, supplying a living pond full of  cattails, reeds, crayfish, ducks, dogs and small boys!

Wool Bats coming off our custom built card.

Our water system starts with pure water, heated with a high efficiency natural gas heater, and used to scour the best wool in the USA.  The water then goes to a primary settling pit (full of plants and aquatic beasties too), a secondary filter pond and a final living pond.  From there it can be used on our fruit orchard, tree nursery and commercial vegetable garden.  We try to be as sustainable and efficient as possible!

In 2017 we are installing a new drying room, a beautiful arched dome that will dry 15-20,000 pounds of wool in short order.  We are looking to tap into a geothermal water source to cut back on heat costs and add a little more green to our operation.  Things continue to get exciting here at BWM.

Bedding Pad

In the near future, we are going to have a 12kw wind generator installed on one of our hills and as it becomes more affordable, solar power systems.  If you’re in the country, stop in for a tour!!