Montana Pure Wool Products – Brookside Woolen Mill is very proud to present our Montana Pure line of woolen products; products designed to promote health, safety and comfort in your home, office and outdoors!  Our Montana Pure wool comes only off the purest Montana sheep!  Montana’s pure air, pure waters and our pure lifestyle allow for our sheep to have the purest wool on the planet!  With this wool we make our Montana Pure wool pillows.  Each pillowcase is hand sewn just down the road and hand stuffed at our mill and sealed in a recyclable shipping bag for delivery directly to your door.

What kind of sheep make Montana Pure sheep?

Sheep grown in our state; on farms and ranches run by responsible and capable shepherds. These are the producers that treat their sheep with care, respect and dignity. Montana Pure sheep have good groceries, pastures and winter feed; pure, clean and clear Montana air and drinking water; and shepherds who care about their well being and health. All Montana Pure sheep are sheared in accordance with the safest and Best Shearing Practices available. We know this because we check, we know our suppliers, they are local families, neighbors and people we see and are friends with. With this line of wool we make the safest and purest wool pillows and products for you home.

We don’t use foreign entities to paper-push our wool, or third parties to certify.  They will not fly to Montana and drive the thousands of miles it takes to find all our producers.  They want a piece of the pie while adding no ingredients, so we do it ourselves.  We know sheep, wool and how to produce both humanely and safely!  Our Montana Pure Wool is naturally, the best in the world, and our sheep producers are the best shepherds as well!

Sleeping pillows are our specialty. We can do it all!!  We even have a local gal that embroiders names, messages or logos to personalize your pillow!  Call or email for prices and a time table!

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